Party people rockin' out to "Fake"!

Look what we found on YouTube! People really seem to enjoy our song "Fake" a lot! :)


"Download free "Fake!" iPhone wallpapers

Get in the right mood for the launch of our forthcoming album "Fake!" by downloading these lovely wallpapers. They are available for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s and 6/6 Plus. It should be possible to use them on other smartphones, too. Download them here and enjoy!

Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 4/4s (PNG / 1196 x 740)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 5/5s (PNG / 1392 x 744)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 (PNG / 1608 x 852)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus (PNG / 2662 x 2662)

Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 4/4s (PNG / 1196 x 740)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 5/5s (PNG / 1392 x 744)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 (PNG / 1608 x 852)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus (PNG / 2662 x 2662)


"Fake!" by Richard Kapp & The Gowns

Ladies & Gentlemen: I prrrroudly prrrrresent the artwork of our forthcoming album by Richard Kapp & The Gowns. Hope you like it as much as we do. :) "Fake!" will be available in June, 2015. For more info watch this space or join our facebook fanpage.


Sneak peek of our forthcoming album "Fake!"

Say Hello to our new album!!! Here's a first sneak peek of our new album "Fake!". A song called "Say Hello"! And as a christmas present to our fans, supporters and friends, you can download it for FREE within the next 2 weeks! So we hope you like it and we wish you a wonderful christmas time plus a fabulous & terrific start into 2015!


7 years of Richard Kapp & The Gowns!

We celebrate 7 YEARS (and a bit more) of "Richard Kapp & The Gowns"!!! We are old now. :-0 Watch our celebration video including some of the many highlights (includes some of Mr. Kapp's weird rubber duckie solos!) of the last 7 years below & celebrate with us! Thanx so much for your support throughout those many years! It means a lot to us!

 03.11.2014 feature

We are featured by, a beautiful austrian blog dedicated to culinary art, lifestyle and events. The article is definitely worth reading as it contains some details you probably haven't heard yet about Richard & his gowns. You can read it here (german).


No fake at BalconyTV Vienna

We have been recently invited to play our song "Fake" from our forthcoming album "FAKE!" (ok, it's official now;) @ BalconyTV Vienna. We had a really great time! Check it out below!


Collaboration song "Appetite"

Here is a new & fresh song for you, called "Appetite". It's a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time only! For this one I have been collaborating with two wonderful musicians: You will hear jazz-legend Tony Cimorosi from New Jersey on the bass and the talented singer/songwriter/actor/writer Dri Zitt, based in Edinburgh, is singing beautiful 2nd vocals. Thanx so much Tony & Adrienne! The song also includes some over-the-top-soul-vocals, some beatboxing and a weird rap-part of mine. Enjoy and share if you care.


Richard's first A-"KAPP"-ELLA song

Listen to Richard's first A CAPELLA song called "Sticky Song" below and enjoy. 


Video: Richard performing @Riding Rooms in Glasgow

Watch a video of me performing my sarcastic song "The Social Network Tragedy" at the Riding Rooms in Glasgow. Thanx Angus for filming! I enjoyed my Scotland mini-tour a lot thanx to all the wonderful people I've met there. Special thanx to Adrienne and Angus for providing me with a comfy bed and everything else. :)


"Conditioned Man" reached over 2.000 views!

Finally, our latest music video "Conditioned Man", directed by the talented Christian Zwittnig and filmed at the charming Subterrariumn reached over 2.000 views of YouTube! Thanx everyone for watching and sharing!


AMOK still available at Austrian shops

You can still get our album "AMOK" at several shops in Vienna including Recordbag, Mediamarkt, Saturn, etc.


Back from our UK mini-tour!

We are back from our UK mini tour. What a fantastic time we had in London and Brighton thanx to Rob Marr, Cara Sebastian, Brendan O' Sullivan, Debs McCoy, Sharon Lewis, Nikolas Barrell, Steve Calder and the rest of you! Extra thanx to Rob Marr who was so kind to let us stay at his beautiful place. Below is a video of a new song called "Fake" that we performed at the Brunswick in Brighton.

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