Have yourself a merry little christmas!

"Merry Christmas everyone! This was a great year for me with many highlights and surprises! I am already excited for new adventures in 2018. As a little present, here is a quirky cover version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", which you can download for free. Hope, you like it. Have a wonderful time with your beloved ones, family and friends! A merry little christmas to all of you and have fantastic start into 2018!" - Richard


Richard featured on IRM Twin Peaks compilation

The show you like is going to come back in style. The news season of Twin Peaks is on air and in case you didn't know, french Indie Rock Mag is celebrating the new season by curating a huge compilation of songs inspired by the show, submitted by hundreds of artists from all over the world. Richard is very proud to be part of this with his track "A damn fine cup of coffee". He also created a video for the song, which you can watch below. Indie Rock Mag also published an interview with Richard (available in french and english) where he talks about his favorite show and how the song was made. The track will be available soon on Bandcamp for free.


Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017! We hope you had a wonderful start into the new year. 2016 was a busy year for Richard. He became a dad of a lovely daughter and still had some time to release a new solo album called "Point Of No Return" including some older and newer songs that have not been released so far. The album received some great reviews and reached #11 on the NBT Music Radio Station's Best Of 2016 list. "Appetite", a song taken from the album (a collaboration with Adrienne Zitt and Tony Cimorosi) even reached #9.

Also, Seb Lapin, writer and music critic at french music mag Indie Rock Mag has compiled a list of his 22 favourite songs of 2016. We are thrilled that Richard's song "Expecting Suspects" from his solo piece "Point Of No Return" happens to be one of them. It's an honour for Richard to be included on this list along with other brilliant artists like The Divine Comedy, Radiohead and many others. You can read the article (french) including a mini-review of my song here.

We also had some time to release a new music video this year. It's a special one as we recorded a brand new song LIVE in our rehearsal room. If you haven't seen it yet, why not watch it now?

A gig at mezzanin7 was another highlight for us this year. A very special and - dare I say - magical place. Speaking of magical: We hope you all have a magical 2017 and hopefully we will see you at a future gig!




"Point Of No Return" now available!

Richard is excited to announce the release of a new solo album called "Point of no return". It's a limited edition CD with 12 previously unreleased songs. All songs are performed and recorded at home by Mr. Kapp except for a song called "Appetite" featuring the talents of Adrienne Zitt (back-up vocals) and Tony Cimorosi (bass). If you like to order a copy, you can do that here via Paypal or get in touch with Richard. Some more order options and stores will be added soon (CDBaby, etc.). Hope you will enjoy Richard's new album!


New music video: LIVE performance

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! We have made a new music video for you lovely people: a beautiful LIVE performance of a *brandnew song* called "All The Little Things". Dedicated to all the little but wonderful things that we tend to overlook in our lives. Recorded by our sound wizard Peter in our new rehearsal room. Watch now, enjoy, spread the word, share, like, comment! Thanx so much! :) PS: "All The Little Things" will be released on Richard Kapp & The Gowns' next record. Stay tuned. :)



"Fake!" awarded RECORD OF THE YEAR!

What a great start into 2016: our album "Fake!" has been voted #1 out of 260 tracks and awarded THE RECORD OF THE YEAR 2015 for "Simple Song" by Radio Six International (Glasow, Scotland). Thanx so much to Tony Currie and his wonderful team, we feel very honored!



Happy holidays from Richard & his Gowns!

We had a great year with many highlights! Our album "Fake!" got some grrrrreat reviews and even made it to #10 out of the best 180 albums of 2015 on The NBTMusic Radio Station. It also received airplay on Amazing Radio, Fresh On The Net and Radio Six International in UK and in Austria on Radio ORANGE 94.0, radioYpsilon and and for the first time on public broadcaster Ö1. A huge honor.

We would like thank The Simon Raymonde Show, Birgit Denk, Dead City Radio / Church Of Noise, Tony Currie (broadcaster) (Radio Six International), Louis Barabbas, Johann Kneihs (Ö1), mica - music austria, Music News, RockTimes, FSM, Recordbag, Indie Rock Mag, Café Schmid Hansl, Fotostube, Schurli Checker and many others for the fantastic support and YOU for caring and listening to our quirky songs.

We are looking forward to new adventures in 2016 and wish you happy holidays and a great time! And here is our present for you: Richard's sarcastic X-MAS song for 2015 (see below). Enjoy!


"Fake" voted #10 out of 180 albums

The NBTMusic Radio Station has announced their TOP 180 albums for 2015 and we happen to be #10! It's a huge honor for us to be on this list and to share the Top 10 with excellent artists like Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens and many other wonderful musicians. Thanx so much! Makes us very proud & happy! See the best 180 albums of 2015 ranked by NBT Radio here.


"Fake" introduced in Spielräume, Ö1!

We feel honored that our new album "Fake!" will be featured on the show "Spielräume" with Johann Kneihs at the austrian radio station Ö1. Tune in on Friday, 18th at 5:30pm or find out more here.


Brandnew music video "Fake" is out!

We proudly present our brandnew and highly official music video "Fake", starring Agnes Rössler & Mr. Kapp. The video was created by myself this time and was shot in one single take (at least the b/w footage;). I am not a pro when it comes to video production, but I absolutely loved the whole process! It was a filmed with a Pentax K-3 and took us one day filming and another two of editing & processing the whole thing.Thanx to our viola player Bernadette Ott for assistance!

So, we hope you will enjoy watching our fun new video and we are thankful if you like to comment, like & share it. :)



Interview with MICA

MICA (Music Information Center Austria) has recently asked me for an interview. I am talking about our new album, my lovely band, the austrian music scene and many other subjects. You can read it here (it's in german): Ein optimistischer Realist mit Hang zum Pessimismus



We are proud to announce that our new album "Fake!" is finally available! You can get it (and this means supporting us and our music;) on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many other stores. CDs will be available at Recordbag (Vienna), soon. So, you wanna meet the Unemployed Cowboy Boy, don't wanna Jump on the Bandwagon and you hate Fakes? Then go, get the album now! :)



It's actually not a fake at all. We are celebrating the launch of our new sweet album "Fake!" at the charming old viennese café Schmid Hansl where the whole piano for the album was recorded. We will play the whole album, some old songs that we haven't played in a long time, there will be surprises and we are going to introduce our talented new "Gown", Marie Charpentier-Leroy. You can also get our album before everyone else (official release will be by the end of June). So, we hope to see you there. Free entry! :) Find our more by clicking the Facebook invitation.


Here it is: the album trailer!

Hooray! Our new album is finally finished and will be released in June, 2015. It took us ca. 2,5 years of composing, arranging, rehearsing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering. It was lots of work but also a ton of fun. We hope that you will enjoy the album trailer!


Party people rockin' out to "Fake"!

Look what we found on YouTube! People really seem to enjoy our song "Fake" a lot! :)


"Download free "Fake!" iPhone wallpapers

Get in the right mood for the launch of our forthcoming album "Fake!" by downloading these lovely wallpapers. They are available for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s and 6/6 Plus. It should be possible to use them on other smartphones, too. Download them here and enjoy!

Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 4/4s (PNG / 1196 x 740)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 5/5s (PNG / 1392 x 744)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 (PNG / 1608 x 852)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus (PNG / 2662 x 2662)

Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 4/4s (PNG / 1196 x 740)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 5/5s (PNG / 1392 x 744)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 (PNG / 1608 x 852)
Fake Wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus (PNG / 2662 x 2662)


"Fake!" by Richard Kapp & The Gowns

Ladies & Gentlemen: I prrrroudly prrrrresent the artwork of our forthcoming album by Richard Kapp & The Gowns. Hope you like it as much as we do. :) "Fake!" will be available in June, 2015. For more info watch this space or join our facebook fanpage.


Sneak peek of our forthcoming album "Fake!"

Say Hello to our new album!!! Here's a first sneak peek of our new album "Fake!". A song called "Say Hello"! And as a christmas present to our fans, supporters and friends, you can download it for FREE within the next 2 weeks! So we hope you like it and we wish you a wonderful christmas time plus a fabulous & terrific start into 2015!


7 years of Richard Kapp & The Gowns!

We celebrate 7 YEARS (and a bit more) of "Richard Kapp & The Gowns"!!! We are old now. :-0 Watch our celebration video including some of the many highlights (includes some of Mr. Kapp's weird rubber duckie solos!) of the last 7 years below & celebrate with us! Thanx so much for your support throughout those many years! It means a lot to us!

 03.11.2014 feature

We are featured by, a beautiful austrian blog dedicated to culinary art, lifestyle and events. The article is definitely worth reading as it contains some details you probably haven't heard yet about Richard & his gowns. You can read it here (german).


No fake at BalconyTV Vienna

We have been recently invited to play our song "Fake" from our forthcoming album "FAKE!" (ok, it's official now;) @ BalconyTV Vienna. We had a really great time! Check it out below!


Collaboration song "Appetite"

Here is a new & fresh song for you, called "Appetite". It's a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time only! For this one I have been collaborating with two wonderful musicians: You will hear jazz-legend Tony Cimorosi from New Jersey on the bass and the talented singer/songwriter/actor/writer Dri Zitt, based in Edinburgh, is singing beautiful 2nd vocals. Thanx so much Tony & Adrienne! The song also includes some over-the-top-soul-vocals, some beatboxing and a weird rap-part of mine. Enjoy and share if you care.


Richard's first A-"KAPP"-ELLA song

Listen to Richard's first A CAPELLA song called "Sticky Song" below and enjoy. 


Video: Richard performing @Riding Rooms in Glasgow

Watch a video of me performing my sarcastic song "The Social Network Tragedy" at the Riding Rooms in Glasgow. Thanx Angus for filming! I enjoyed my Scotland mini-tour a lot thanx to all the wonderful people I've met there. Special thanx to Adrienne and Angus for providing me with a comfy bed and everything else. :)


"Conditioned Man" reached over 2.000 views!

Finally, our latest music video "Conditioned Man", directed by the talented Christian Zwittnig and filmed at the charming Subterrariumn reached over 2.000 views of YouTube! Thanx everyone for watching and sharing!


AMOK still available at Austrian shops

You can still get our album "AMOK" at several shops in Vienna including Recordbag, Mediamarkt, Saturn, etc.


Back from our UK mini-tour!

We are back from our UK mini tour. What a fantastic time we had in London and Brighton thanx to Rob Marr, Cara Sebastian, Brendan O' Sullivan, Debs McCoy, Sharon Lewis, Nikolas Barrell, Steve Calder and the rest of you! Extra thanx to Rob Marr who was so kind to let us stay at his beautiful place. Below is a video of a new song called "Fake" that we performed at the Brunswick in Brighton.

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