Richard Kapp, born 1976, is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, living in the city of Vienna, Austria. He composes, sings and plays his very own quirky but touching music. His music is always fresh and surprising and you never know what to expect. Living between sarcasm, melancholy and hope, he makes use of all kind of styles without forcing them to come together. He is brave enough to use fragments of Jazz, Classical Music or Folk if he thinks that it supports the meaning of a song more than pop can do. Actually, Richard does not give a damn about styles and categories at all. He started to learn piano at the age of six but always refused to learn anything about music theory or scales. That doesn't stop him from composing and arranging his stuff completely on his own. People have compared Richard's style to artists like The Divine Comedy, Billy Joel, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens or Ben Folds.

Since 2007 he is regulary performing and recording with his chamber-pop-ensemble "The Gowns". A songwriter gathering momentum he has also worked with different artists around the world like Peter Kearns (NZ), Tony Cimorosi (US), Woodstock Taylor (UK), Gis Johannsson (US/IS), Bárbara Gilles (AR)  or Back Bone Shiver (UK). His debut album "A Tie For Free" has been released 2006, followed up by "*" (or Asterisk) in 2008. By the end of 2009, Richard has released his third album called "Lunchbox" which was received enthusiastically by his fans and the press. Two songs received airplay at BBC 6music and Richard has been chosen as "Artist of the year 2010" by irish musicmag RedTrackMusic. Their album "AMOK", which has been released in 2012 was very well reveived by the press and was voted #1 (out of 100 albums) by NBT Musicradio. Their latest album "Fake!" was awarded "RECORD OF THE YEAR 2015" by scottish Radio Six International. It was also voted one of the best 10 albums of 2015 by NTB Radio.

Richard's songs received airplay on several radio stations including Ö1, Radio Orange (Austria), Radio Fips (Germany), BBC 6music (UK), Amazing Radio (UK), ABC Radio (Australia) and the scottish station Radio Six International. He is also a regular on online radio stations like NBT and several podcasts.

Richard Kapp & The Gowns were sharing stage with David Kitt (IRL), BirdEatsBaby and Joe Black (UK), Bernhard Eder (A), Bitter Ruin (UK), Matt Keating and Cassis (NY), Daniel Seestrand (SE) and many other wonderful songwriters. They perform in their hometown Vienna most of the time, but they also toured Germany and UK. Watch out for new tour dates here.

Find out more about Richard Kapp at the german Wikipedia.

Richard Kapp & The Gowns are:
Richard Kapp: piano, vocals
Agnes Rössler: vocals, glockenspiel, perc. & funny, little instruments
Alexander Csurmann: drums & perc.
Bernadette Ott: viola
Paul Schreitl: trombone
Peter Schweighofer: sound magic
Roland Liegle: bass

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