What the press says about Richard Kapp & The Gowns

"Richard's a very good artist in my opinion who shows great originality. Not very common these days. I wish him all the best for the future."
Stuart Epps, Record Producer

"Wie ein junger Elton John, der sich ein paar narrische Schwammerl ins Frühstücks-Omelette geworfen hat"
Falter Programmredaktion

"Einer der besten österreichischen Musiker zur Zeit."
Gerald Stocker, thegap

"Pretty stunning!"
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"One of my favorite artists of the moment."
Simon Raymonde, Bella Union

"Eine echte Entdeckung!"

"I am not saying that Richard Kapp & The Gowns“ are the next Beatles […] what I am saying though is that you can see some of their genius certainly rubbed off on him and it’s been reinvented in the modern world of music"
Shaun Cole, MusicReviewUnsigned

"This is popular art at its very core."

"This PianoMan evokes the spirits of the doomed romantic. Rufus Wainwright often tries for this kind of captivating tune, but I think, that Richard Kapp gets it right more often."
NBT Radio

"If only more songwriters had this natural talent for melodic art the music world would be a more interesting place"
Jilliane Wright, 2007 at IACMusic

"Kapp's newest effort brilliantly entitled '*' is a work of a genius on the way up."
Rob McNamara, RedTrackMusic


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